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Kinesis t-shirts

In Uncategorized on February 14, 2011 at 11:44 am

We are getting Kinesis t-shirts printed! They will have the Kinesis logo on the front and a word search puzzle on the back. Comment on this post to list words you associate with Kinesis and to make suggestions on the color of the t-shirt!

  1. I vote for light blue shirts. Here are some words that come to mind: Challenge, affirm, question

  2. They look “girly”! I don’t wear light blue. How about a grey or black! And a “tree”? Where is the edge. How about a zen circle? Shows energy and community. Add “communities.”.

    Words, questions, passion, open, seekers

  3. I am pretty open to the color, as long as we stay away from pepto pink.

    Jud, how does a Zen circle show energy, isn’t Zen like the opposite of energy? Should we add some lightening bolts or something, maybe down the side of the tree? Would that help?

    words: community, laughter, journey, support, growth.

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