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Kinesis tree

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It is actually a miracle that the tree survived. Pentecost Sunday 2010, Covenant Community Church gave the newly named Kinesis a tree as a symbol for our new community. Kinesis is an experiment in Christian community. We seek to create church with young adults wherever they “live, move and have their being” (Acts 17:28). This means that we have to be a gypsy church, that moves where the Spirit says move and turns any space into sacred space. It is church without a geographical home. This creates many new questions about how to form community, but the first was, “Where will we plant this tree?”

Not surprisingly this question was answered through the work of the community as a whole. Chris transported the tree from the church to his house and cared for it as they discerned where it would be planted. Becky drove the tree to Michael’s house, where the participants of this church experiment gathered. We dug a deep hole in the yard outside of Michael’s home and showered the tree with blessings and mud. The first few young adults who had gathered, along with the launch team, named their hopes for Kinesis as they planted the tree. We asked God’s blessings, hoping for a community where we can show up as our most authentic selves, revealing brokenness and encountering God’s transforming grace. We hope and trust that Kinesis a place where we all, young adults and adult hosts can become more fully who God has created us to be.

Planting the tree in June 2010

Hey look! It bloomed! May 2011
Look!  It bloomed!