Spiritual Communities

what we believe

We believe that God has called us to “be church” with one another.  Church is not a building we go to, but rather it is where we live intentionally as a community following the way of Jesus Christ.  Christian community is built by a dynamic relationship between honesty and grace. In Christian community we practice experiencing and sharing grace with one another as we seek to live as authentic people in the world. The church is a community that works for God’s justice in the world through involvement in the global community and through our individual relationships with one another. To become Christian community we make covenant to create safe sacred spaces for each other; in order that we can individually and as a group find meaning through participating in grace, honesty and justice. Church is not a place where we show up as our best selves, but a place where we are most authentic and can reveal our brokenness. Through honest engagement with the community of faith we become more fully who God has made us to be.

Together we seek to follow the way of Jesus, this means we understand the life of faith to be a journey.  On this journey we follow the example of Jesus through seeking the kingdom of God, reversing worldly power structures, eating with the least, the lost and the lonely and working for peace and justice.  It is a way of living more focused on what we do, than a correct doctrines.

We believe that God is interested and active in human history and human experience.  The God who created live is still involved in shaping the human story, and is present in all of creation. God invites us to participate in God’s work of creating shalom in the world.

We believe that through the presence of the Spirit, all space can become sacred space.  Spirit acts as a catalyst in our communal lives to move us into deeper knowledge and relationship with the Divine.   Spirit appears throughout our own lives to challenge, gives hope, strength and meaning to our journey.


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