Spiritual Communities


Kinesis is a network of Intentional Communities. Each Intentional Community incorporates aspects of the Inward, Outward and Communal Journey.


Inward Journey- In order to discern our call and be equipped for a life of love and service we must give specific attention to the inward spiritual journey. This journey is facilitated by disciplined spiritual practices that open us to the transforming and empowering presence of God. Through regular meditation , fasting, prayer, spiritual reading and worship we are transformed and equipped to discern our calls and live the m out in the world. Through our spiritual practices, both individually and corporately we are empowered to experience God’s Shalom. The inward journey is also a journey into self-understanding. The journey into self provides new awareness of the barriers, which block us from living more authentic and full lives.

Outward Journey– The outward journey is our ministry of love and service in the world. The outward journey is an expression of the inward journey and fulfilled only through the support of the communal journey. The outward journey is the place where we are participating most fully with God’ Shalom. God’s mission is to transform our world into a place of peace, justice, wholeness and celebration and God calls each of us to particular actions which participate in this transformation.

Communal Journey– God’s Shalom calls people into a journey of creating covenant relationships . These relationships reflect the quality of God’s love and care for us and require a deep level of commitment and trust. Living in Intentional Communities requires a commitment to the well-being and growth of others that is often counter to the relationship norms of our surrounding culture. The formation of these types of relationships requires time, self disclosure, trust and honesty. It is within committed covenant relationships that we both experience God’s Shalom and are equipped to join it the world.




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